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“Jamming with Beirut” is a journey into our social mirror, starting by the family, the neighborhood till we tackle the country as a whole.
In jamming with Beirut the journey continues in the same spirit on impulsivity and authenticity; no rules or style is imposed on the artist involved in this film lab experiment.
From close up and macro shots we study the world around us and for each one of the participants (no matter what nationality they hold) Beirut can be as small a an ant or as big as a dinosaur. 15 participants will explore their own vision and living experience in this city in any way they feel and each will end up creating from within them a short film on the “Beirut” they live in. The 15 films, of around 5mns each, will be joined together “randomly” to form a feature film and that film will reveal a study on Beirut through the hearts & eyes of these 15 artists.
Randomly definition: the word randomly can have pejorative aspects but in this case it’s only to express the openness and freedom to follow an innate creative instinct and find personal original ways to express a feeling, an emotion or a story.

The Plan

1 one month of visual plus sound writing. “Searching for Beirut” with each participant, including shooting & recording sounds as we evolve.
1 month of screening footage, to reconstruct the vision & emotions of each participant towards Beirut. The individual short of each will be completely finalized.
2 months for editing & sound designing the feature version of the films, all-merging into one. The act of merging all the films into one, as one, is part of the educational purpose of this workshop. Understanding that Beirut is all of us, as dislecsic as we might look and sound, Beirut will reveal itself more powerful and rich through 15 passionate talented artists looking for her through their art. By the end of the 4th month, the 75mns feature film will be ready,
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