Khalil Abourrousse is a colorist in Beirut, Lebanon. He has been working since early age in photo printing and photo editing until he found his passion in color grading stories and emotions on film. He is the owner of Lilapost, a post-production boutique.
Liliane Hanbali is a film editor in Beirut, Lebanon. She has been working since 1997 on TV commercials, documentaries, short and feature films. She opened her own production company ‘WAHM’ in 2010, taking on all kinds of film productions. Her commitment and passion for storytelling make her a pillar in the creation of Zyara.
Sound Recordist
Mouhab Shaneh Saz is a sound recordist. He has been in the business for 20 years, working on films, TV and web series, TV commercials and documentaries. He established Aura Sound Pro in 2010 as a rental company for sound equipment and crew hire, representing young talented sound engineers that he trains and supervises.
Camera Crew
Bachar Khattar is a film graduate who has been working since 2012 as a camera assistant, camera operator and freelance director of photography. He is a passionate filmmaker who seeks adventures in Art as in life.
Camera Crew
Rachelle Noja worked for years as a focus puller and camera assistant, she is currently a free lance cinematographer in Beirut-Lebanon. Rachelle is a very professional, passionate and talented person who adds value to any production she takes part in.
Sound Recordist
Rayan Obeydiyin is a field sound recordist who has worked on several projects since 2000 out of which the award winning feature film Stray Bullet (2012) and Sector Zero (2012) by Nadim Mishlawi. He is a passionate, hard working and professional Sound recordist with excellence in the outcome of his work.
Serena is an award winning filmmaker with a passion for telling stories. Her short films have toured festivals in the Gulf, Europe and Canada. She also has a thing with words; they come naturally to her. She is our designated copywriter, as she loves using just the right words to convey a message in the most authentic and compelling way.
Jocelyne Abi Gebrayel studied Photography for a year before turning into film studies and receiving her Master degree in 1999. Since then she has been working as a Director of Photography and as a TV director with local, international TV channels and production houses, on TV ads and documentary films revolving around humanitarian and socio-political issues in the Middle East and in the North Africa region.
Graphic Designer
Samar is a graphic designer and a visual artist with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. Although her skill set is vast, her greatest expertise revolves in brand identity design, content creation and print collateral. She also loves coffee.
Sound Designer
& Music Composer
Ever since he was a child, Emile followed his father’s compositions very closely, entranced by the process of composing and recording. Today, he puts most of his creative talent into the composition of music for films, and sound design. Emile worked on the musical soundtrack of over 200 documentary films, for independent production houses and TV broadcasters.
Graphic designer
Luana El Turk is a Beirut-born graphic designer and visual artist. After graduating from Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, she worked in major advertising agencies such as Impact BBDO. In 2009, she leaves the mad men world to create her own brand Luanatic; witty little things in Arabic. Today she juggles her new mom life, her brand, and still finds time for her true passion, graphic design.
Full time vocalist and performer, Sevine Abi Aad is a Universite Saint Joseph alumnus. She majored both in translation and French Literature. Her love for art and soulful connections has made her as selective in her translation projects as she is with her music.
Inaam is a filmmaker, graduated in audiovisual from USJ in beirut - lebanon. Also she did her masters in film directing at ESCAC in barcelona - spain. She participated in different workshops (cinejam, jamming with the light, short lab).
Throughout her journey with films, she created 4 short movies. She loves films, but she also has unconditional love for the moon, people's faces and hot bread. And, she enjoys deep, deep conversations.
Georges Yazbek is a Lebanese filmmaker, photographer and docu-reality producer based in New York City and Beirut. He is the recipient of many prizes such as the International Photography Award, Prix de la Photographie, Dubai Lynx as well as video Telly and Emmy Awards.
Georges is also the founder of Beirut Behind the Scenes - a media publishing company tailored towards producing photo, video and original content. Beirut Behind the Scenes is double-edged platform that highlights stories of Lebanon's creative minds and aims to promote their original work within Lebanon and abroad.
Rosanna S. Lahoud
PR Manager
Rosanna Lahoud got her Bachelor in Cinema Radio-TV from Holy Spirit University in 2000. Worked in Directing and Production in many companies and televisions as well as in theatre and events in Lebanon and in the GCC abroad. Basket Ball player for 14 years.
Member of Al Sarab Dance Company since June 2003. Currently, she is the adviser of the General Manager of Tele Liban in Programs and Studios and the PR Manager of Home of Cine-jam creations.
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